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I’m Bianca. Business owner and Founder of video presentation coaching. I help people look great on video! I have a professional TV/film background as an actor performing in short films, TV soap operas, TV commercials and music videos. I’ve performed voice-overs for radio commercials and corporate videos. I’ve been a fitness magazine cover model and have featured in many fitness features, fashion and print advertising campaigns. I’ve also been a spokesperson fronting product promotions at health and fitness expos and trade shows.

Since 2008 I’ve been travelling and living abroad with my husband and partner of 20+ years while running my company from my laptop. My personal goal while residing in the USA is to explore as many places as I can. So far we have visited 117 places throughout the USA. Since 1997 we have visited 14 countries (a total of 171 places worldwide).

Currently, I am writing my first book, a comprehensive guide to presenting on video.

My motto is “Strong mind, Strong body, Strong life.” I’m all about laughing and finding the fun in life, no matter what it throws! If you want to learn a little more ‘behind the scenes’ what drives me, my lifestyle and how I came to do what I do. Check out my about page.



As you can imagine, a lot of what I do is very image-focused. Sure, genetics can get you so far but after a certain point, your appearance, health, and vitality will stem from your daily habits and the thoughts that you think.

To paraphrase Coco Chanel,

“Nature gives you the body you have at twenty. Life shapes the body you have at thirty.
But at forty you get the body you deserve.”

Regardless of what genetics gave you, to begin with, nothing looks better on screen (and in life) than a woman who is brimming with vitality. I have been purposefully living a fitness and wellbeing lifestyle for over 20 years now (or over half my life).


Which brings me to you

My passion in life is to help make a positive transformational difference. If you care about your health and wellbeing, you want to keep learning and growing, and you want to develop a strong mindset that will serve you through life’s ups and downs. You want to get ahead in life without sacrificing your health. Most importantly, you want to look fit, fabulous and healthy in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond. I can help you!

I am frequently approached by women for fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle advice. These women range from those aged in their early 20’s to post-baby moms to women in their 50-60’s. As a result, I decided to put all of my fitness model experience and knowledge here all in one place.


Live bright, live big, be bold!
Embrace and share your unique gifts with the world.


I am dedicated to helping people just like you to live a sustainable fitness and well-being lifestyle – more importantly, one that will last a lifetime.

A strong life that will inspire you to operate from your core self where you honour your integrity, your words and your actions i.e. you don’t let yourself off the hook nor do you cave-in when life get’s real!

A strong mindset where you’ll develop the inner strength, persistence and determination to push through and execute on your dreams and goals. A strong mind where you are brave enough to follow your heart and walk your own path, independent of the opinions, beliefs and attitudes of others.

A strong body to assist you in achieving all that you set out to do, where you can and you will make a positive, sustainable change in your life.


What I’ll share with you . . .

I’ll share my ideas, resources, tools and recommendations that I have refined over the past 20+ years. I’ll also share my own personal setbacks, what hasn’t worked, and what to avoid doing.

The information I share here won’t be lightweight affirmations and empty platitudes. You know, the kind of fluff you see posted all over social media and trashy magazines like, “everything in moderation”. Things that sound helpful, but doom you to mediocrity. Instead, what I offer is straight from the heart, no-nonsense, real-world practical advice. The kind of wisdom you gain when you have slain your inner demons and transformed your life. The kind of personal power you earn through blood, sweat, tears and the frustration of following many paths that led to dead ends, before finding what really works. 


You’ll find topics on this site that address

The mind, body, and emotional well-being

Fitness fun. I’ll share how to live and sustain a fitness lifestyle and the mindset and physical disciplines that are required for it

My travel adventures and day-to-day fun 

Behind the scenes content – like a day in the life of a successful business owner (spanning some 11+years in operation)

My best-loved tried and tested product recommendations (that I’ve used for more than a year) not the latest jump-on-the-band waggon fitness gimmick or lifestyle fad

Video production tips and insider on-camera techniques, (in case you to have a message you want to share with the world)!


Most of all I’m here to challenge you to teach you how to be brave, fierce and courageous so that you too can become the hero or star of your own life. To hand-on-heart own it!  Not “fake it” till you make it! 

I want to help you realize and recognize your own personal power. To overcome any self-limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors.

You will learn simple, effective strategies that if you apply them will give you the confidence to create a fitness and wellbeing lifestyle that you will stay in love with, be committed to, and be excited about!

What I recommend you do next.

Explore my blog page to catch up on my latest fitness and lifestyle tips, recommendations, and other goodies.

Or visit my about page to get to know me better. Feel free to reach out and say hi on social.


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Until then, I hope my content inspires you to make big, bright, bold, and well-considered changes. I hope that you’ll not only read the information but take action on what you have learned and commit to making the lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals for a lifetime!

Cheering you and your personal success!

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