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My passion here is to share with you ideas, tools and resources that have worked for me over the last 20 plus years in my personal life in terms of fitness and wellbeing, and in my business life as the founder and CEO of STEBIAN.com Video Presentation Coaching and in my professional experience working in front of and behind the camera in the TV/Film industry.

What you’ll learn from me

As discussed on my home page, my content is geared towards making a positive transformational difference in the lives of women. Here, you will receive videos and articles on topics covering:

  • Lifestyle and Wellbeing
  • Mindset and Fitness
  • Travel, Adventure and day to day fun
  • Behind the Scenes (life of a successful digital business owner spanning 11+ years)
  • My best-loved tried and tested product recommendations (that I’ve used for more than a year) not the latest jump-on-the-bandwagon fitness gimmick or lifestyle fad
  • Video production tips and insider on-camera techniques, (in case you to have a message you want to share with the world)!

On this site, you won’t find lightweight, affirmations and empty platitudes here. You, know the kind of fluff you see posted all over social media.

Instead, what I offer you is from the heart, no-nonsense, real-world practical advice. The kind of walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk wisdom you gain when you have slain your inner demons and transformed your life. The kind of personal power you earn through your own blood, sweat, tears.

I speak from experience

The TV/Film industry is a dynamic, fun and creative arena where anything is possible. However, it can be extremely image-conscious and competitive. Working in this industry requires a high level of self-discipline, healthy self-esteem, determination and a thick skin.

Fortunately, and with a lot of hard work,  I got to perform lead roles in short films, TV soap operas, TV commercials and music videos. Performed voice-overs for radio commercials and corporate videos. Featured as fitness cover model and fashion campaign model, as well as a spokesperson fronting product promotions, health and fitness expos and trade shows.

I’ve worked behind the camera in talent management roles as well as evaluated the on-screen performance of thousands of individuals as part of a casting agency and worked in post-production edit suites as part of an advertising firm.

Through my consulting company STEBIAN.com I coach business professionals on how to present effectively on video. I work with clients from all around the world, including professional service firm partners, business leaders, rising stars, and best-selling business authors.

My previous career experience includes working in advertising, public relations, marketing, and performing governance roles in corporate environments and in fast-growth entrepreneurial firms.

Up Close and Personal

My country of citizenship is New Zealand a pacific paradise island (situated in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean). I am of French, German, Scottish, English, Welsh, and Maori heritage. 

I left New Zealand at the end of 2008 and have been travelling and working (via my virtual business) in Canada (Calgary) and the USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco) with my husband and partner of 20+ years Stephen Lynch (award-winning business author of Business Execution for Results).

We both live permanently in downtown San Francisco, California. Our neighbours include the headquarters of both Twitter and Uber.

We love travelling and exploring the world together. Since 1997 we have visited 14 countries (a total of 171 places worldwide) and to date (as part of our couple goals) we have explored 117 locations throughout the USA.  

Strong mind. Strong body. Strong life!

This is my own personal motto. It’s the foundation of this site and an integral part of my own personal values. I wholeheartedly believe that a strong mind will bring strength and stability to all other areas of your life. If the mind is undisciplined (thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and habits) it will be extremely challenging and highly unlikely for you to achieve any sustainable, meaningful long-term change or results in your life.

I’m an avid reader and student of personal development, psychology and business literature. I also enjoy reading and learning about film directing, production and cinematography. 

Gym-life and iron runs in the blood

As you know,  I live an active lifestyle with a lifelong interest in health and fitness. In childhood, I excelled in sports/athletics track and field, modern dance, ballet, gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. Later in my early teens (usually after school), I would hit the weights room and my passion for weight-training and Hatha yoga grew.

Gyms and weight-training have been a big part of my life. My family own gyms (have competed and won IFBB titles hubby won the New Zealand title in 1993) our friends own commercial gyms. I’ve trained in gyms all over the world. The first time I lifted iron I was 10 years old (my mum managed a gym and introduced me to iron, she lifted too). We even had our own portable home gym in the garage.

Posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger covered my bedroom wall and bodybuilding mags (a rare and expensive luxury to own circa the 80’s) lay about home. I fell in love with the mental and physical challenge of resistance and moving weight. You could say that gym-life and weight-training has been a big part of my daily discipline and lifestyle. 

Vipassana Burn Baby Burn! 

I am also a student of daily Vipassana meditation and The Sedona Method.  In fact, my guy and I attended a 10-day Vipassana Retreat into Deep seclusion circa 2005 on Boxing Day.   

Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient meditation practice (circa 2500years) it means “to see things as they really are”. The practice is a non-sectarian technique that focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body. Like how we train the body with exercise,  this practice trains the mind for increased awareness, non-delusion, physical and mental self-control and peace. Vipassana is not a group nor a movement.
The retreat is not easy. For 10 days straight, there is no eye-contact, no talking, no communication, no engagement with the outside world, no clocks, no TV, radio, music no reading, writing or drawing. No electronics, no technology, no outside food or drink. No sports, no physical activities except for gentle walking and yoga about the compound.
Male and female segregation, no sex et al and no killing of any living thing (insects included) etc. 
The day starts at 4.30am, you get a  single bed in a 6 x 8-foot room with a door (if you are lucky) 10 minute shower times, laundry is by handwash only, 20-hour fasts with 2 vegan meals a day. The last meal is at 12 pm. Lights-out by 9.30pm. 
The remainder of the time is spent from 7am to 9pm  sitting on a floor meditating in a hall full of people from all walks and stages of life who are all going through their own stuff, all are alone, all must sit in silence and motionless. 

The Burn

Throughout the meditation, the body can not move or move or shift positions, even if you need to ease pain or to scratch an itch – movement is not permitted. Doing so is a form of resistance to the present moment that undermines the practice.  
Sitting motionless for hours on end hurts like hell! The body burns, aches, tingles, goes numb. The heart races, emotions stir, anger, frustration, grief, anxiety whatever suppressed emotion you have stored in the body will come to the surface and you have to sit with it, alone, in total silence and motionless and allow whatever pain (mental/physical) to be there. 
The pain rises and surges around the body but it eventually passes. It is in the “allowing of what is” and the “observance of it” that the lesson of “impermanence” is taught. By using the body as the instructing tool, you get to experience and understand “impermanence” first hand, that everything is temporary, this realization eliminates suffering. But you have to experience the physical process to truly know and understand it. 

Day to Day Life

If I’m not conducting video presentation coaching with my clients from STEBIAN.com, travelling, or training in the gym, you’ll usually find me in my home studio filming a new video, editing video footage, writing scripts, drafting new content, or writing chapters for my new business book. All of these activities I deeply enjoy and feel privileged to do.

How I will Serve you

I will always speak to your potential, with a positive regard for a big, bright, bold future. No one knows enough to be a pessimist. I will not speak to your smallness, to your fears or insecurities. You are better and stronger than that. I don’t believe in drudging up historical baggage or being “bound to the wounds” of the past. Simply because doing so (in my opinion) keeps a person trapped in a “victim mentality” mindset. Instead, I believe in shining light, being proactive, and finding creative ways to process and move beyond the past so that it no longer holds power over you or your life.

Best-Loved Products / Resources

The practices, habits, products, and services that I feature on this website are all aligned to my personal values in that they make a positive transformational difference in the lives of women. I also hope they help and inspire you to live a fun, fulfilling, meaningful life. To be the very best you that you can be. To become a powerful light of inspiration for others.


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