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Exciting! That you’ve landed here. You’re in the right place if you want to develop a tough mental edge to your personal success. Discover actionable strategies, tips and resources that you can read and watch for a strong-mind-body-life!

This space is a transforming mix of:

  • Personal high performance
  • Mindset optimisation, thought-feeling management
  • Fitness, well-being and lifestyle optimisation

If you’re…

  • Highly motivated, intelligent and successful (in other life areas) – but feel like you need that extra edge
  • You care about your health and wellbeing – but you’re tired of seeing, reading, learning about the same old generic stuff
  • You have a passion for personal self-development. You want to learn how you can self-coach yourself for optimal performance
  • You want to develop a robust, resilience mindset and lifestyle, that will support and serve you through life’s ups and downs
  • You want to live your best life that is optimised for performance without sacrificing your health and vitality

Then, you’re in the right place.

You won’t find lightweight, empty platitudes here! The generic fluff you see on social like, “everything in moderation, dream big dreams”. They sound helpful but will doom you to mediocrity.


You’ll find resources covering:

  • Develop a tough mental edge to your success.  Anything that you want to achieve or be in life – all begins in the mind.
    • Discover healthy, nurturing thought-management strategies to become more resilient and robust
    • Learn  how you can reduce your thought-drama and move out of suffering once and for all
  • Cultivate the power of “self-discipline”: where applied discipline, creates a fun, free life on your terms.
    • Discover how to apply self-discipline strategies that’ll help you to achieve your goals faster
    • Learn how to streamline your life and eliminate anything that does not serve you and your mission
  • Well-being, honour your integrity: Learn how to define your own success and what that truly means for you.
    • Discover how to mentally support yourself, independent of the opinions, beliefs, and attitudes of others
    • Move away from the herd, from approval-seeking and group-think
    • Break free from chasing societal norms and generic measures of success
    • Live your life with congruency and carve your own path
  • Fitness: Design and build a strong body: (it’s the only place you have to live) to assist you in achieving all that you set out to do.
    • Discover ways that create a positive, sustainable change in your life, and avoid short term fixes
    • Learn about strength training techniques, routines, mobility drills, eating routines that will keep  you agile, fit and biologically young, in years to come
  • Lifestyle: come along and explore with me in the USA or New Zealand. Road-trips, travel, and adventures (the good, the bad and the ugly) plus day-to-day life (vlogs)
  • Behind the Scenes: (a day in the life of a business owner) the highs and lows and everything in-between
  • Unbiased, best-loved tried and tested product recommendations: (that I’ve used for more than a year) no jump-on-the-bandwagon fitness gimmick or lifestyle fad
  • Video production tips and insider on-camera techniques: if you have a message you want to share with the world!

The practices, habits, products, and services that I feature are all aligned with my personal values and are intended to make a positive transformational difference to you in some way.

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My motto is “Strong Mind, Strong Body,  Strong Life”. If this resonates and you want to learn more from me? Here’s what you can do next.

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