You are in Right Place if…

  • You are highly motivated, intelligent and successful (in other life areas) – but feel like you need that extra edge
  • You care about your health and wellbeing – but you’re tired of seeing, reading, learning about the same old generic stuff
  • You have a passion for personal self-development – and you still want to keep learning, growing and improving
  • You want to develop an antifragile lifestyle with a strong mindset that serves you through life’s ups and downs
  • You want to get ahead in life without sacrificing your health and you want to look fit, fabulous and healthy in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond

Women Approach me from all Walks and Stages of Life

A lot of what I do in the TV / Film industry, and with my company, STEBIAN.com is image-conscious. This industry is a dynamic, fun and creative arena where anything is possible. However, it can be extremely image-focused, stressful and competitive. Working in this field requires a high level of self-discipline, healthy self-esteem, determination, and a thick skin to handle rejection and the mandatory highs and lows that come along with it all.

Women approach me from all walks and stages of life for fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle advice. They range in age from their early 20’s to post-baby moms to women in their 50-60’s.

As a result, I built this site as a hub to share some of my personal “success” strategies, professional industry experience and knowledge, ideas, tools and resources that I have refined over the past 20+ years while living a sustainable fitness and well-being lifestyle. As well as common pitfalls to avoid – from someone who has personally and professionally been there and done that!

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You’ll Learn…

You won’t find lightweight, empty platitudes here! The generic fluff you see on social like, “everything in moderation, dream big dreams”. They sound helpful but will doom you to mediocrity.


You’ll find videos, articles and resources covering:

  • Wellbeing: learn to become antifragile. Move away from the herd and group-think. Live your life with congruency
  • Mindset: develop a tough mental-edge to your success so that you don’t let yourself off the hook nor do you cave-in when life throws lemons
  • Master your thoughts: the thoughts that you think create your feelings, and your feelings drive your (habits/behaviors) these eventually form your reality
  • Master “self-discipline”: create a life on your terms, through applied self-discipline. Learn how to develop your inner strength muscles
  • Honor your integrity: be brave enough to walk your own path, independent of the opinions, beliefs, and attitudes of others. Even those closest to you
  • Fitness: Design and build a strong body: (its the only place you have to live) to assist you in achieving all that you set out to do, where you can and you will make a positive, sustainable change in your life. Strength training, techniques, routines, mobility drills, and eating routines
  • Lifestyle: come along and explore the USA  with me. Road-trips, travel, and adventures (the good, the bad and the ugly) plus day-to-day life (vlogs)
  • Behind the Scenes: (a day in the life of a business owner) for sustainable long-term success
  • Unbiased, best-loved tried and tested product recommendations: (that I’ve used for more than a year) no jump-on-the-bandwagon fitness gimmick or lifestyle fad
  • Video production tips and insider on-camera techniques: if you have a message you want to share with the world!

The practices, habits, products, and services that I feature are all aligned with my personal values and are intended to make a positive transformational difference to you in some way.

My motto is “Strong Mind, Strong Body,  Strong Life”. If this resonates and you want to learn more from me?  Get on the list  – you’ll receive short, but powerful “behind the scenes” tools, techniques, and resources from (me) Bianca who has and continues to live a purposefully sustainable fitness and well-being lifestyle spanning some 20+ years!


Up Close and Personal

When I’m out-of-office you’ll find me on the move exploring the USA with my husband and business partner of (23 years) Stephen Lynch, (award-winning business author of Business Execution for Results).

We love to travel. Whether it is visiting other countries (a total of 16 countries and 172 places worldwide) or exploring all 50 states of the USA. To date, we have managed 147 locations throughout the USA, slipping in mini road trips whenever we can.

Steve and I are both natives to New Zealand, a Pacific Island paradise (situated in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean). We are now permanently based in California and reside in a highrise in downtown San Francisco. Our surrounding neighbors include the headquarters of both Twitter, Square, and Uber.

We both live an active lifestyle and have a lifelong love of health and fitness. I actually met Stephen at a friend’s gym during a lunchtime workout over 20+ years ago.

For fun and play, you will find me (yes) weight training or in the gym, performing mobility drills, practicing Hatha or Iyengar yoga, or taking Krav Maga self-defense classes. I also practice Tonglen, Vipassana, and Kundalini (meditations) and have attended 10-day seclusion retreats.

I live a learning lifestyle, and enjoy studying personal development, psychology, business, health and wellness, and of course, the visual arts with an emphasis on film and video production.

You’ll find me out on film shoots, filming client projects, editing and producing videos, writing scripts, and producing educational content for my forthcoming book and digital products.

Experience Behind the Scenes

I’ve worked behind the camera in TV/film production, Casting, TV advertising, Public relations and Governance roles in corporate environments and in fast-growth entrepreneurial firms. I’ve talent managed and model booked in agency roles, evaluated the on-screen performance of thousands of individuals as part of a casting agency, and have worked in post-production edit suites as part of a TV advertising firm.

Having trained to a master’s level (a 5-year weekly class commitment) in both Meisner and Stanislavski acting techniques, I’ve studied, workshopped and collaborated with high profile casting directors, TV commercial directors, producers, film editors, creative directors and acclaimed acting tutors. I also continue to audition for TV and Film projects in L.A. and San Francisco – and take regular acting, and performance classes to stay industry-sharp.

Since 2006 via my consulting firm STEBIAN.COM Video Presentation Coaching. I’ve consulted with clients from all around the world, including professional service firm partners, business leaders, rising stars,  best-selling award-winning business authors, emerging leaders, business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, thought leaders, speakers and VIP’s, who want to present themselves, their product, service or brand message to their target audience in the most effective, compelling way possible on video;

  • as a TV actor, presenter, and spokesperson
  • fitness cover and features model, fronted TV commercials, music videos
  • performed voice-overs for radio commercials and corporate videos
  • featured as a model in fitness, commercial, advertising, and fashion campaigns
  • fronted product promotions, product launches, health and fitness expos, and trade shows.

and working behind the lens in;

  • TV/film production
  • being a talent management agent
  • to evaluating the on-screen performance of thousands of individuals as part of a casting agency
  • to post-production edit suites as part of an advertising firm/film and production.

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Get short, but powerful “behind the scenes” tools, techniques and resources to help you live your “best” self-disciplined life! 

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