CEO Vibes: On Being Selective and Deliberate with Focus

Pay attention to any area in your life where you are not being selective and deliberate with your focus. And see what it is costing you, in time, energy, and results.

How to Quickly Reduce Mental Clinging and Suffering

Here’s one of my favorite thought, feeling management protocols around shifting beliefs to reduce mental clinging and suffering.

How to BEAT IMPOSTER Symptoms

How I beat this every time I want to level up my lifestyle and self-identity. And YOU can too.

How to Ignore Being Judged. Boss Style!

In the context of other people’s projections, opinions, or judgments of you. Here’s a simple mental filter to apply.

Upper Body Training at Home: Build and Burn + Mindset Practice

Here’s a fun at-home intense upper body training routine that you can quickly do with just your bodyweight or with minimal equipment. Plus a mindset practice to explore.

Build your Physique: Glute, Shoulder, Back, Bicep Weight training

This is an intense training tempo for the shoulders, glutes, legs, upper lats and biceps. But it’s totally worth it.

A 40 Day Active Wellbeing Challenge to Overcome inner anger, insecurities and fears

This is a challenging transformational “active” meditation best undertaken at the start of each new year (or during stressful times). 

Build a Strong Upper Body with this Chest and Core Combo

This is one of my favorite go-to combos ideal if you want to get in a quick upper body session or to add as a nice finisher to your chest weight-training routine. 

A Woman’s Perspective. Owning a Springfield XD 3″ SUB 9MM

Unlike riding a bike, firearm handling is a perishable skill, which was new to me. I hadn’t factored that into the learning curve of owning a Springfield XD 3 SUB compact 9MM.

Suspension Training: Total Body Fat Burner and Newbie Gym Tips

Suspension training gear, lightweight, no-fuss and it gets the job done hitting the big and small body parts.

Define your Upper and Lower Chest Muscles with this Finisher

This is one of my favorite chest finishing exercises it helps to define the upper part of the chest, the midline and a little more.

Glute Building, Quads and Hamstrings for a Stronger Lower Body

Total lower body training routine that you can easily perform on a cable machine> Build glutes, shape and define the the quads and hamstrings.

Learn to Bend so You Don’t Break

Learn to Bend so You Don’t Break. Ultimately flexibility brings you strength not only in the mind but also in the body.

Thoracic Band Pulls for Improved Posture

These Thoracic Band Pulls are super taxing, but fun too do. They work the front and back line of the body. Excellent for mobility and creating stability in the shoulders, lats, tris, chest, and hips. Also great for improving posture.

My Top 15 Relationship tips. Spanning 25+ years Experience

If your relationship can survive the international travel test you have a good one! Here are my top relationship tips.

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