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As discussed on my home page, my content is geared towards making a positive transformational difference in the lives of women. Here, you will receive videos and articles on topics covering:

  • Lifestyle and Wellbeing
  • Mindset and Fitness
  • Travel, Adventure and day to day fun
  • Behind the Scenes (life of a successful digital business owner spanning 11+ years)
  • My best-loved tried and tested product recommendations (that I’ve used for more than a year) not the latest jump-on-the-band waggon fitness gimmick or lifestyle fad
  • Video production tips and insider on-camera techniques, (in case you to have a message you want to share with the world)!

As discussed (on my home page) you won’t receive lightweight, affirmations and empty platitudes here. The kind of fluff you see posted all over social media.

Instead, what I offer you is from the heart, no-nonsense, real-world practical advice. The kind of walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk wisdom you gain when you have slain your inner demons and transformed your life. The kind of personal power you earn through your own blood, sweat, tears.

My motto is “Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Life”. If this sounds like you click here to get email updates from me and become part of the “Behind the scenes BT crew” where you’ll receive short, but powerful tips, tools or resources directly from me via email.

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