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You’ve come to the right place if you want to develop a tough mental-edge to your personal success and live life on your own “best-self-disciplined” terms.

You won’t find lightweight, empty platitudes here. The generic fluff you see on social like, “everything in moderation, dream big dreams”. They sound helpful but will doom you to mediocrity.

Instead…what I offer is from the heart, no-nonsense, real-world practical solutions, resources, techniques and tools for a strong mind, body, and life.

Discover Topics on:

Wellbeing: Learn to become antifragile. Move away from the herd and group-think. Live your life with congruency.

Mindset: Develop a tough mental-edge to your success so that you don’t let yourself off the hook nor do you cave-in when life throws lemons

  • Master your thoughts – realize that the thoughts that you think create your feelings, and your feelings create your (habits/behaviors) which eventually forms your reality
  • Master “self-discipline” – create a life on your terms, through applied self-discipline. Learn how to develop your inner strength muscles
  • Honor your integrity – be brave enough to walk your own path, independent of the opinions, beliefs, and attitudes of others. Even those closest to you.

Fitness: Design and build a strong body (its the only place you have to live) to assist you in achieving all that you set out to do, where you can and you will make a positive, sustainable change in your life. Strength training, techniques, routines, mobility drills, and eating routines.


Lifestyle: Come along and explore the USA  with me. Road-trips, travel, and adventures (the good, the bad and the ugly) plus day-to-day life (vlogs)

  • Behind the Scenes (a day in the life of a business owner) for sustainable long-term success
  • My best-loved tried and tested product recommendations (that I’ve used for more than a year) no jump-on-the-bandwagon fitness gimmick or lifestyle fad
  • Video production tips and insider on-camera techniques (if you have a message you want to share with the world)!

The practices, habits, products, and services that I feature are all aligned with my personal values and are intended to make a positive transformational difference to you in some way. To help and inspire you, to bring out the best you (no matter your background or life experience) and to help you live a fun, fulfilling meaningful life (even when it throws lemons at you…because it will).


My motto is “Strong Mind, Strong Body,  Strong Life.”

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