A sample of Comedy related TV performance clips featuring Bianca Te Rito  – various TV shows, TVC’s, Vignettes.

(Note for the purposes of a “demo” these clips are a cut-down version from the original sequence).

COMEDY: Beauty Guru Moments

September 25, 2018 COMEDY

Web Series | Comedy (Parody) Beauty Guru Moments performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito. The hair was loaded with product to get this sweet slick look!

COMEDY: Bubblehead Host

September 25, 2018 COMEDY

In-house production for Shooting, scripting and performing this piece.

COMEDY: Ravish Rocker

September 19, 2018 COMEDY

Ravish Rocker – 80’s style maneater (music video sequence) performance piece featuring Bianca Te Rito. Such a fun project to work on. Loved the costuming, hair and make-up in this shoot. The Band and crew were super enthusiastic to shoot this parody feel. We had a great time hamming it up for the lens!

COMEDY: Cool Chic Vixen

August 26, 2018 COMEDY

Performance “Spice of life” clip “Cool Chic Vixen” featuring Bianca Te Rito for a National TV advertising campaign “Up the Wall”. This shoot was incredible! Probably one of my most favorite film productions to contribute to. The styling, hair and make-up, the colors and overall production (it was shot on film!) A million dollar set-design was custom built on a soundstage for this campaign.

COMEDY: Quirky Spice of Life

August 24, 2018 COMEDY

“Quirky Spice of Life” performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito for a Big brand National TV Advertising Campaign. This was such a fun shoot, great crew, cast, and director. The location was a stunning million dollar home with the perfect airy, light and breezy kitchen space.