Drama related performance clips featuring Bianca Te Rito. A sample of Bianca’s professional on-screen performances for TV Drama, TVC’s and Vignettes.

(Note for the purposes of a “demo” these clips are a cut-down version from the original sequence).

DRAMA: Mystery Never be the Same

October 4, 2018 DRAMA

A great team effort went into coming up with the creativity (script, shoot, and cut) behind this short film – an entrant in the Rialto 48hour film festival. Drama “Never be the Same” Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito

DRAMA: Disturbing Element

September 25, 2018 DRAMA

Drama (Unscripted) “Home Alone Moments” Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito

DRAMA: The Confronting Wife

September 24, 2018 DRAMA

TV Series | Drama (Soap) “Perfect Love Nest” Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito. My character decides to set her estranged husband straight with some unwelcomed news! 

DRAMA: Stalking Times

September 24, 2018 DRAMA

My scene partner Laura Hill (core-cast) a super giving actress. We had fun rehearsing this scene – it had a spark to it. I had to pull back on the aggression and intimidation (as per the directors’ notes) but loved the eye glints that were captured by lens!

DRAMA: Fragile Moments

September 24, 2018 DRAMA

Out on location using a single camera set-up and then reversed. A fun shoot, even though the subject material was sensitive in nature. We had the sound guy positioned behind us laying prone in the boot (trunk) of this two-door Audi sports. Love the creative problem solving that comes with filming scene.

DRAMA: Plotting Wife Clip

September 24, 2018 DRAMA

Super fun times working with this studio. A fast-paced environment, filmed with a 3 camera set-up. In this instance, though we were shooting out on location using a single camera set-up.

DRAMA: Love and Hate Passionate Couple

August 24, 2018 DRAMA

Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito for the Band Recliner. A short outtake of a drama sequence from the music video “Loves you.” This was a super fun shoot. Being surrounded by amazing talent, production crew and the band Selon Recliner. Their cinematic and evocative music video “Loves You – Ugly” is a visual tale from Recliners (award-winning) debut “Rest Room”.

DRAMA: Domestic Violence Clip

August 22, 2018 DRAMA

Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito for the New Zealand Women’s Refuge – “Domestic Violence Awareness” National advertising campaign. I loved performing and contributing to this meaningful film project. “Day after Day”.  In this performance piece, I took a few for the team in order to get the necessary shots!



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