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As a published cover model in Fitness, lifestyle, and wellbeing with over 20 years experience living a consistent fit life, you’ll discover weight-training, yoga and well-being tips that can help you achieve your goals.

★ If you are a newbie gym goer, eager to hit the weights, you want to be proficient, you want to look and feel confident navigating the gym, its culture and most importantly you want to develop a fitness mindset that lasts you a lifetime then you have come to the right place.

★ If you want to add a little more “advanced” training to your routine you’ll find interesting drills here.

Upper Body Training at Home: Build and Burn + Mindset Practice

Here’s a fun at-home intense upper body training routine that you can quickly do with just your bodyweight or with minimal equipment. Plus a mindset practice to explore.

Squat Strong. Gym Life Motivation

Squat strong! Work with the iron – so you can embrace the resistance to build the body and strengthen the self.

Strong Upper Body Combo for the Chest and Core

This is one of my favorite go-to combos ideal if you want to get in a quick upper body session or to add as a nice finisher to your chest weight-training routine. It’s also a good combo to tax the whole body and an excellent all over body strengthener.

No Gym. Total Body Fat Burner and Newbie Gym Tips

Suspension training gear, lightweight, no-fuss and it gets the job done hitting the big and small body parts. Super taxing these are an all-in-one convenient body-weight training option – a dream choice if you are unable to hit the iron or you don’t want to leave your hotel room. Great for those travel times when your inner introvert is screaming for quiet alone-training-time. Plus Newbie Gym life tips

VIDEO: Define your Upper Body with this Top Chest Finisher

Get the Good Burn with this Chest and Shoulder Finisher. This is one of my favorite chest finishing exercises it helps to define the upper part of the chest and midline a little more. You can really get in there, focus and feel the muscles work and burn-out.

VIDEO: Booty Gains! Get Lifted Firm Glutes, Quads and Hammies

Booty, Leg Training for a Tight Lower Body! Fit friends. For this vid, I thought I’d share training supersets that you can easily do on a cable machine if you cannot access a squat rack.

When Life Comes at You Hard. Learn to Bend so You Don’t Break

When Life comes at you. Learn to Bend so You Don’t Break. Ultimately flexibility brings you strength not only in the mind but also in the body. Catch my best tips for backbends.

VIDEO: Super Fun! Thoracic Band Pulls

These Thoracic Band Pulls are super taxing, but fun too do. They work the front and back line of the body. Excellent for mobility and creating stability in the shoulders, lats, tris, chest, and hips. Also great for improving posture.

VIDEO: Key Fitness Mindset Tips for Longterm Success

Fitness Mindset Tips for Newbie Gym Goers

If you a newbie gym goer, eager to hit the weights, you want to be proficient, you want to look and feel confident navigating the gym? These video tips are for you.

VIDEO: Get Back on the Fit Track and Fast!

If you have overindulged on calorie-rich food, sweet treats or alcohol during the holidays (or any other time/s for that matter) then these two key fit tips are for you!