Mobility Drills

A collection of my favorite stability and flexibility drills, that open up and unlock the body – from poor posture and tech overuse (small screen devices).

How to BEAT IMPOSTER Symptoms

How I beat this every time I want to level up my lifestyle and self-identity. And YOU can too.

How to Ignore Being Judged. Boss Style!

In the context of other people’s projections, opinions, or judgments of you. Here’s a simple mental filter to apply.

Learn to Bend so You Don’t Break

Learn to Bend so You Don’t Break. Ultimately flexibility brings you strength not only in the mind but also in the body.

Thoracic Band Pulls for Improved Posture

These Thoracic Band Pulls are super taxing, but fun too do. They work the front and back line of the body. Excellent for mobility and creating stability in the shoulders, lats, tris, chest, and hips. Also great for improving posture.

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