Learn to Bend so You Don’t Break. You control the thoughts that you think and the things that you feel. This control is true personal power! 

★ A key component of this is the daily application of self-discipline. The more you apply it the greater your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

CEO Vibes: On Being Selective and Deliberate with Focus

Pay attention to any area in your life where you are not being selective and deliberate with your focus. And see what it is costing you, in time, energy, and results.

How to Quickly Reduce Mental Clinging and Suffering

Here’s one of my favorite thought, feeling management protocols around shifting beliefs to reduce mental clinging and suffering.

A 40 Day Active Wellbeing Challenge to Overcome inner anger, insecurities and fears

This is a challenging transformational “active” meditation best undertaken at the start of each new year (or during stressful times). 

My Top 15 Relationship tips. Spanning 25+ years Experience

If your relationship can survive the international travel test you have a good one! Here are my top relationship tips.

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