DRAMA: Disturbing Element

Drama (Unscripted) “Home Alone Moments” Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito
(Note for the purposes of a “demo” this clip is a cut-down version from the full drama sequence).


Actor: Bianca Te Rito

Company: In-house production “Unscripted”

Country: USA

Production: STEBIAN Media

Creative / Director: Bianca Te Rito


Those home alone moments. In-house production for STEBIAN.com. Shooting and performing this piece was a lot of fun.

I used a  foam roller (belly down and prone) to roll backward with the slam-door scene. In the black element scene, a wore a wig backward to obscure the face somewhat. Then in the edit, I layered a soundscape, with SFX and supered in a distorted face.

Soooo much fun – love doing unscripted, spur of the moment filming projects like these!


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