DRAMA: Love and Hate Passionate Couple

Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito for the Band Recliner.
A short outtake of a drama sequence from the music video “Loves you.” 




Actors: Bianca Te Rito and Hanam

Artist: Selon Recliner

Song: Ugly

Album: Rest Room

Film Production: Film Construction group

Director: Perry Bradley

Casting: Sally Spencer-Harris

Licensed by CD Baby, UMG (on behalf of Crimpolene Music); ASCAP


This was a super fun shoot. Being surrounded by amazing talent, production crew and the band Selon Recliner. Their cinematic and evocative music video “Loves You – Ugly” is a visual tale from Recliners (award-winning) debut “Rest Room”.

Narrated by the band of eerie tune players – the old mansion echoes argument and desire as sagging walls adorned with hunting trophies and 2nd hand treasures bear witness to toxic lovers caught in a revolving door of emotion.

I loved auditioning for this role. I wore a crushed velvet red “french” style vintage dress that belonged to my mum when she was 30 years old!

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