DRAMA: Fragile Moments

TV Series | Drama (Soap) “Fragile Moments” Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito
(Note for the purposes of a “demo” this clip is a cut-down version from the full drama sequence).



Actor: Bianca Te Rito, Peter Muller

Company: South Pacific Pictures

Country: New Zealand

Production: Shortland Street

Director/s: Sam Scott, Murry Keane, Katie Wolf


Out on location using a single camera set-up and then reversed. A fun shoot, even though the subject material was sensitive in nature. We had the sound guy positioned behind us laying prone in the boot (trunk) of this two-door Audi sports. Love the creative problem solving that comes with filming scene.

Due to the confines of the vehicle space, our sound guys’ breathing could be heard during some takes.

We had to cut midway through various parts of the scene, to do pick-ups (great for us actors – we get to work a little more). Unfortunately for the sound-guy…our Director (politely) asked him to “hold his breath” through some of these “fragile” moments.

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