How to Ignore Being Judged. Boss Style!

In the context of other people’s projections, opinions, or judgments of you. Here’s a simple mental filter to apply.

Remember: If you don’t want the life they are living, they’re not worth listening to.

If you don’t value the source, they’re not worth listening to.

Only you get to decide the meaning of the judgment. And if the judgment bares no meaning to you then their judgment of you is meaningless.

It’s only when you believe what they say – that you innocently cause your own suffering.

No one gets to decide how you show up in the world.

Only YOU get to determine that.

On a Strong Body Note

This is one of my favorite go-to’s for a glute/leg finisher

  • Use a low edge to elevate the heel
  • Draw up through the pelvic floor and draw the core back into the spine, this stabilizes by creating bracing tension in the core
  • Slowly descend using controlled movement
  • In the bottom position keep the core brace and drive up and back fully engaging the working leg glute
  • The aim is slow and steady with good-quality reps for as many reps

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