“We can use Bianca’s looks and ability for the commercial sector – I would like to see Bianca un-earth and unleash upon us a very different ‘raw’ look and performance for some darker acting roles. A force to be reckoned with!”

Tony Murdoch
Casting Director - ADM Casting

Day after Day NZ Women’s Refuge “Harrowing…visually arresting, beautifully done and gut-wrenchingly effective”

People's Choice
☆ AdMedia Magazine

“Bianca is a terrific actress and social media wiz.”

Michael Rooker
☆  American Actor, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead

“The work Bianca has produced while studying in this professional atmosphere is artistically first rate. She is disciplined, motivated and ambitious with a warm natural sense of humour. I have no doubt that given the opportunity to practice her craft Bianca will be very successful in this highly competitive industry”

Michael Saccente
Professional Actor - Meisner Tutor

“Bianca collaborates very well with directors in both commercial broadcast and film. She is a creative and insightful individual. Her enthusiasm, professionalism as well as a sense of humour had made her popular and highly respected amongst her peers. Highly recommended.”

Steven Chow
Independent Director, Editor, Police Ten 7 - Screentime NZ Ltd

“Bianca has displayed a natural talent and emotional awareness that is unique. In my opinion, she has a strong screen presence, talent and enough determination for a great career as an Actress”

Sally Spencer-Harris
Tutor - Studio 111

“Excellent music video. It looks like you had heaps of fun and was a good way to get rid of some aggression”

Wain Ching
Independent Director, Writer for Cream TV

“Bianca saw you on ‘On John Street’, looks like neat fun to make. Great work. I’m a big fan!”

Chris White
Director - Test Tube TV

“Bianca, your performance looked really natural and relaxed, in your latest TVC. Well done. I was really happy with your performance in our Pacific Coverings TVC – you did a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!”



David Ritty
Director, Silverscreen

“Bianca is a great actress and easy to work with.”

Biagio Messina
☆ TV & Film Producer, Joke Productions, Los Angeles - USA. Producing for CNN, MTV, IFC, VH1, AETV, DiscoveryID networks


“The pleasure was all ours Bianca. Thanks for all your hard work – truly blood sweat and tears!”

Perry Bradley
☆ Director,  Film Construction

“Green-eyed, dark-haired. A fighter for the underdog. Street smart and weapons trained. Sophisticated, intense with a tough edge. Poised and ready to strike. A formidable dark horse. A stealthy badass. A Specialist. The hired Alpha (wife, mum, sister)…who lives next door.”

Various looks, Fitness Attributes, and Lifestyle Vignettes

⁣⁣Acting Bio

Agent / Management

Bianca is exclusively managed and repped by The Robert Bruce Agency | Film Television Theatrical  Management.

  • To contact her Agent or view her full resume please click here.


Bianca is of French, German, Scottish, English, Maori, and Welsh descent. Her native country is New Zealand (a Pacific paradise in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean).  Her tribal heritage is Te Ati Awa (maternal side), Ngati Kahungungu, and Ngati Porou (paternal side). Bianca Whakapapas to Tainui (paternal grandmother).

From 2009 – 2020 Bianca lived abroad in Canada and the USA (Calgary, Los Angeles, and San Francisco). Where she achieved US Permanent Residency Status (became a Green Card holder) qualifying her to live and work in the USA. ⁣


With over 20 years of experience working in front of and behind the camera. As a TV/Film screen actor, a video presenter, host, published fitness model, and skilled spokesperson.⁣ (Fun fact: Bianca booked her first modeling job – aged 12 for a women’s apparel line). 

⁣Bianca has booked lead roles with major consumer brands for a variety of TV commercials. And engaged in a lead role (working with Multi-award winning Director Rachel Davies) to proudly support the New Zealand Women’s Refuge award-winning “Day after Day campaign.” (Awarded a Silver World Medal at the New York Television and Cinema Advertising Screen Festival in the USA). Voted People’s Choice – AD Media Magazine.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Awarded Gold – New Zealand Axis Awards).

Bianca has performed lead and support roles in short films, television soap operas, serials, TV commercials, music videos, and corporate presentations – as well as lead voice-over work for radio commercials and corporate videos.⁣ She is a published cover and fitness features model (12 issues) and a winner of the FitnessLife Magazine Nationwide Model search. And has featured on Fitness and Lifestyle magazine covers, billboards, and point-of-sale material. Bianca has modeled for fashion runways, charity events, and represented commercial products in fashion campaigns, print, and online media.⁣⁣⁣

⁣A skilled spokesperson and a passionate advocate in the fields of health, well-being, and fitness. Product promotions, product launches, and appearances at health and fitness media expos, and industry-leading trade shows.⁣⁣

TV commercials (TVC’s)

Drama Sequences

Various Presenting Sequences. Ed-u-tainment themes

Behind the Scenes

⁣Bianca has trained to a master’s level in both Meisner and Stanislavski Acting techniques and has studied with various high-profile casting directors and acclaimed acting tutors both in the USA and New Zealand. ⁣

⁣With a mix of strength, vulnerability, and a badassery edge. Bianca has been cast in roles ranging from victim to villain, to fighting for the underdog. She revels in physical action roles and loves pioneering, strong female action archetypes. From the unhinged, badass version of Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor (Terminator 2 – Judgement Day 1991). To Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Ripley in Aliens (1986). ⁣

Anti-heroes and Flawed Types

⁣Bianca also enjoys the challenge of anti-heroes and flawed types. Roles that are full of action and intrigue. She loves exploring a characters’ reality, their depth, what drives them, and their layers. While creating a vivid interior life for them with playable actions and choices. She has a passion for the creative freedom that genre hybrids like sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and action can bring to the screen for women. ⁣

⁣Fundamentally Bianca is drawn to roles that empower the underdog, the outsider. Those that have lost hope, those who are marginalized, repressed, feel abandoned, or lost like they don’t belong. Or don’t know why they are here. The ones that are told that they’ll never amount to anything.⁣ ⁣Bianca wants to tell stories that empower the viewer to show what’s possible. She wants her viewer to feel as if they know this person and can recognize themselves in them. So they can say “Yes! This is what I want for me, this is why I am here, this is my meaning, this is my purpose, and you will not stop me.⁣ ⁣⁣Bianca says…if one person sees the work on screen, and decides to bring more meaning to what they do and create, then I have done my job. 

⁣⁣Through her consulting company Bianca continues to volunteer her on and off-camera skills to non-profit organizations that support women, youth at risk, drug and alcohol, and domestic violence initiatives.⁣


  • SPORTS / FITNESS: Advanced Weightlifting, Weight training, Athletic Yoga (5+ Years), Calisthenics
  • TRACK AND FIELD: Sprinter 50, 75, 100mtr⁣
  • FIREARMS TRAINED: Pistol Shooting and tactical, USA Firearms license, weapons trained, field-strip ⁣
  • ONGOING TRAINING: BJJ, Krav Maga, self-defense, knife threats/attacks, ground attacks, grabs and holds, defensive driving, race car driving
  • DRIVES: Shift Stick / Manual
  • DANCE: Modern, nightclub grind
  • MODEL: Runway, commercial, fitness, athletic-sports modeling ⁣
  • SPOKESPERSON: Video presenter, performance coach ⁣
  • VOICEOVER: Radio commercials, Software Apps, non-broadcast, corporate training videos ⁣
  • OTHER: Achieved Permanent USA Residency Status (Green Card Holder). California State ID Able to live and work in the USA.

To contact her Agent or preview her full Resume click here.

Click to view, Bianca’s drama, comedy, and presenter demos.

Quirky Facts and Personal Disciplines

  • Bianca is of French, German, Scottish, English, Maori and Welsh descent. Her Maori ancestors were warriors and healers. Who often consumed the life-force of their prized captives from other warring tribes
  • From 2009 – 2020 Bianca lived abroad in Canada and the USA (Calgary, Los Angeles, San Francisco). There she achieved US Permanent Residency Status (became a Green Card holder) qualifying her to live and work in the USA ⁣
  • Bianca proudly supported New Zealand Women’s Refuge in a lead-role “Day after Day.” A National TV advertising public service campaign for domestic violence.  (Awarded a Silver World Medal at the New York Television and Cinema Advertising Screen Festival, USA. Voted People’s Choice – AD Media Magazine.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Awarded Gold – New Zealand Axis Awards)
  • From 2006 – present day. Bianca established and co-founded a business consulting firm with her husband and business partner Stephen Lynch (an award-winning business author and speaker)
    • Through her business endeavors, you’ll find Bianca out on film shoots, filming client projects (across the globe), editing and producing videos, writing scripts, and producing educational content for her forthcoming book and digital products
  • Bianca met her husband Stephen Lynch over 25 years ago. Both were training at a friend’s gym during their lunch breaks – and have been together ever since
    • Since 1998 Bianca and Stephen have visited a total of 16 countries and 172 places worldwide. While living in the USA they explored 147 locations throughout the 50 states of North America
  • For fun and play, you will find Bianca weight training, performing mobility drills, calisthenics, practicing Hatha or Iyengar yoga, or taking Krav Maga self-defense classes
  • Bianca is a  student of Vipassana and Kundalini (meditations). And has attended 10-day seclusion retreats with adherence to strict protocols i.e.
    • No technology, reading, speaking, or eye contact. Male and female segregation, 2 veggie meals a day, 4 am wake-ups, and 8 hours of sitting meditation
  • A lifelong student and practitioner of personal development. Bianca is an avid reader of Psychology & Business Literature, Film Directing; Film Production; Editing; Cinematography, and creative digital visual media.
    • A voracious student of The Sedona Method and Byron Katie’s “The Work”. Her key influences (audios, books, courses) are the work of Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispensa, Eckart Tolle, Pema Chodron. Jocko Willink, David Hawkins, Michael A. Singer, Buddhism, Stoicism, Positive and NLP
    • For  Business best practice/methodologies: Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, and her husband Award-winning author, speaker, and business consultant Stephen Lynch
  • For the past 20 years, Bianca has passionately pursued and maintained a fitness, health, and well-being lifestyle. One that consists of organic whole foods and clean keto nutrition. She practices 17-20hrs daily intermittent fasting
  • Bianca’s motto: Strong, mind, body, and life – where discipline sets you free. Her daily protocols consist of 4 am wake-ups, mindset and goal review, a sitting mediation practice, followed by 90mins weight training or calisthenics, combined with a Hatha / Iyengar yoga practice 6 days a week.

Casting Inquiries for Bianca?

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Business Bio

Bianca is the founder of STEBIAN.COM. A video presentation coaching, on-camera talent direction, and full-suite production company. Established in 2006 and co-founded with her husband and business partner Stephen Lynch – an award-winning business author and speaker.

As a consultant and personal performance coach, Bianca provides personalized video presentation coaching and video production services for business owners, professionals, thought-leaders, and VIPs. To help them create compelling thought leadership videos and optimize their on-camera performance.

She works with a variety of clients around the world. From professional service firms (UK), software companies (San Francisco) talent, and entertainment (Los Angeles). Bianca has coached award-winning business authors and speakers (including one of the top 50 business thought leaders in the USA). And has consulted and worked in the fields of marketing, advertising, and public relations in large corporate environments, and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms.

Production Stills

Look Book


For media, bookings, casting / business-related inquiries or agent details

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