Squat Strong. Gym Life Motivation

Embrace the Resistance

Squat strong. Work with the iron – so you can embrace the resistance to build the body and strengthen the self.

Hi there. Just like life, the weight of resistance can crush you. Rather than combat it, allow it in.

Allow the discomfort of it, feel it at full force, let it train you so you can become stronger – but don’t let it push you around.

Like traditional squatting. You work with the weight on your back. If you let it own you though – it will break or crush you. Instead, squat strong, push back enough so that you keep the control. But not too much that you lose form.

When you work with iron in your daily routine it can teach you the subtitles of this dynamic. In this context it’s not about how much weight you lift, it’s about feeling and working the muscles deeply, using enough resistance (for your range) that the load of it demands that you stay present, free from thought or mental distraction.

Its that flow state. Just your presence and the body working together in harmony. And once those endorphins kick in…what a treat!

Happy training!

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