VIDEO: Key Fitness Mindset Tips for Longterm Success

December 1, 2017 Fitness, Mindset
Fitness Mindset Tips for Newbie Gym Goers

Newbie Gym Goers!

Are you a newbie… eager to hit the weights?

But you want to be proficient, you want to look and feel confident navigating the gym, its culture and most importantly you want to develop a fitness mindset that lasts you a lifetime?

In this video learn gym training mindset techniques to help you avoid becoming one of the 80% crowd that quits the gym within the first 5 months of joining.

Also, check out the resources below this vid for more worthy reading mindset tips.

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Happy training vibes!



Good Mindset Resource

  • James Clear content (excellent resources on this site) this is a link to Habits (a PDF download)

More Fitness tips

  • Watch this playlist on my Youtube channel (remember to hit that subscribe button and notification bell). Get new videos every time I upload to Youtube.




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