How you spend your first few minutes upon waking sets the tone of your day.

What small things can you do to prime yourself, first thing, so that you can win the day?

Strong life mindset practice

  • Practice holding higher, more inspired images of yourself in your mind-eye
  • Broadcast these out like a signal
  • Breathe them in, feel into them, and on the exhale visualize them moving out in front of you
  • Practice this as you go about your day.

How you use your mind (especially upon waking), lays the foundation for a resourceful, healthy life.

5mins each morning mentally rehearsing awesome intentions and prioritizing your mindset each day will enhance your well-being and peace of mind.

Some actions include;

  • Working with the body see yourself eating beautiful nutritious food, growing stronger and fitter
  • Have a meeting coming up? Hold an image of yourself being confident, powerful, and strong – mentally send this image out ahead of you
  • It could be seeing yourself have more free time, doing activities that you love
  • It could be seeing yourself in a loving relationship.

Each time you prime your brain with higher, more resourceful images (especially first thing in the morning when the brain is fresh and has synaptically flushed). You’ll lift, and shift your energy towards that image.

What the mind focuses on regularly and with conviction grows (literally, dendritic spines grow at the end of neurons) so you want to keep reinforcing these neural pathways.

Cheering you!

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