Hey there – back into it after some time off on filming / auditioning projects around San Francisco, California.

Here are a few mindset and lifestyle tips that have helped me over the years to stay bikini-ready for fitness shoots.

Keep in mind that as we age, the metabolism still slows, even with intense training, there is no way around this. What I could get away with food and exercise in my 20s would not serve me now.

Protocols and disciplines that have helped me over the years

1. Daily weighing – which I’ve done for over 20 years.

There is plenty of research around the benefits of doing this: Ref  Journal of Obesity, 2015; 2015: 1 DOI: 10.1155/2015/763680. Plus it gives me objective, clean data to track and work with and it helps me confront reality daily of what’s working and what’s slipping.

If you have emotional thought drama around weighing yourself, I encourage you to stick to the measurement facts and stay consciously aware of your internal self-talk (storytelling) when you weigh yourself.

    • I encourage you to challenge and question any negative self-talk. Notice the tone of the voice, whose voice is it?
    • Remember you are the boss of your mind – you get to tell it what to think.  When you watch the thought…who is doing the watching? That’s the true presence of you. The beautiful, present, still Being behind the wall of thought
    • Your negative self-judgements AREN’T who you deeply are. They are mental constructs that you are choosing to make solid, are choosing to believe about yourself. Challenge these.

2. I practice 18-hour daily intermittent fasting. For the health benefits associated with this protocol. Often I’ll train fasted. My first meal starts at 2 pm and the last meal before 7 pm.

3. I use Crono to track and measure all meals.

4. My Food protocol is low carb, mod protein, and fat, organic, whole foods, no processed foods, sugars or alcohol etc.

5. For my training protocol. Resistance weight training, callisthenics are my foundation. I train with moderate to heavyweight. Its muscle that creates the curves and shapes on the physique. Cardio alone will not give your physique shape – it’ll only create a smaller version of your softer self.

6. I wear a Garmin training watch to monitor my heart rate variability, my sleep cycles, stress and energy levels as well as recovery and calories burned during training sessions. I aim for a target of 300 – 500 cal deficit per session, 6 days a week. Note calories burned don’t equate to how much food you can eat – avoid getting caught out here.

7. Since 2006 I’ve dashed boarded all of my training targets, cals burned, training protocol notes and injuries etc. I use a google spreadsheet accessible via any device

8. I make sleep a priority (8pm sleep – wake 4.15am) for growth, repair, beauty, hormone and weight stabilization.

Keep living it fit!

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