How to Quickly Reduce Mental Clinging and Suffering

Here’s one of my favorite thought, feeling management protocols around shifting beliefs to reduce mental clinging and suffering.

Any thought or belief that rocks my inner peace I run through this simple filter: “Can I absolutely know that anything is true?” (The Work of Byron Katie).

The answer is “NO” This releases the pressure and creates more ease and space in my mind.

I’ve found that any belief that begins with ‘I should’ or ‘they should’ is the belief that hurts me. It’s what I’m believing onto the person, situation, or thing, that is the cause of my suffering.

It’s my resistance to ‘what is’ or the denial of the reality before me that is the fundamental cause of my suffering.

No amount of ‘shoulds or should nots’ can shift or alter reality. Rather it only serves to keep me trapped in self-indulgent, self-righteous victimhood.

However, if I change the belief I remove the suffering.

Question of the Day: What simple steps could you take to reduce mental clinging?

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