DRAMA: Stalking Times

TV Series | Drama (Soap) “Planning to Stay That Way” Performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito
(Note for the purposes of a “demo” this clip is a cut-down version from the full drama sequence).



Actors: Bianca Te Rito, Laura Hill

Company: South Pacific Pictures

Country: New Zealand

International territories: Fiji, Australia, and Ireland

Production: Shortland Street

Director/s: Sam Scott, Murry Keane, Katie Wolf


My scene partner Laura Hill (core-cast) a super giving actress. We had fun rehearsing this scene – it had a spark to it. I had to pull back on the aggression and intimidation (as per the directors’ notes) but loved the eye glints that were captured by lens!

So much fun working with this studio. A fast-paced environment, usually filmed with a 3 camera set-up. Quick turn-around times – often scripts were changed out at the last minute to stay topical with current news and events.



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