Strong Upper Body Combo for the Chest and Core

Short on Time?

This is one of my favorite go-to combos ideal if you want to get in a quick upper body session or to add as a nice finisher to your chest weight-training routine. It’s also a good combo to tax the whole body and an excellent all over body strengthener.

It gets the heart rate up, works the chest, and secondary bodyparts like the shoulders (front delts), and biceps. Engages the glutes and quads (keep the bodyline tight and right) and great for the core (the front and back line of the body) as well as core compression strength.

Remember that the core starts from your neck down to your hips (front and back) it’s not just the superficial “abs” section of the body

Perform about 8 sets. The reps ranges will tend to be low.

★ Pointers 

Remember to “always” work within your range, level of ability, strength, mobility, and flexibility. Your joints, connective tissues, and muscles will serve you best if you do. 

  • Here my wrists and elbows are already warmed from the chest work, however, if you’re starting fresh be sure to warm up your joints and working muscles pay attention to your wrists, elbows, and shoulders
  • Breathe and keep your core tight and right i.e. midsection is drawn in and pelvic floor is lifted – no pouching or sagging in the lower back (an indicator of a weak core)
  • L-SITS: Here I’m using 20lbs dumbbells as lifters to set-up drill. Starting out with straight-legged holds (holding for time) and then knee kicks (upon fatigue)
    • Its a fairly taxing drill for the triceps and core – you won’t need many reps to reach failure, but your arms will be fatigued. Use strict form and gently come out of the hold before your muscles begin to shake
  • CHEST: As you begin to fatigue, drop to your knees but keep the focus on your chest muscles.
    • You want the chest muscle group doing most of the work, not the shoulders. However, as you fatigue, they’ll tend to kick in too. This is where having the strong mind-muscle connection will keep the quality in your training efforts i.e. working your muscles fully with controlled form, even though they are taxed.

Happy training.






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