VIDEO: Super Fun! Thoracic Band Pulls


All in One! Front and Backline Drill

These Thoracic Band Pulls are super taxing, but fun too do. They work the front and back line of the body and get the heart rate up.

Excellent for mobility and creating stability in the shoulders, lats, tris, chest, and hips. Also great for improving posture and the upper-back position for squat work.

Strengthens the back of the body, challenging the shoulders, mid back, spine, glutes, and hamstrings.

Movement Pointers

  • Use a strong moderate to strong resistance band (in the demo I’m using 60lbs)
  • When moving into the position, ensure that your shoulders are thoroughly warmed up
  • Avoid yanking or rebounding against the band
  • The movement should feel more like a curl backward and up towards the ceiling, leading with the hands, head, upper back, and belly. The lower back should gently follow but not arch up. This is not a lower back exercise – it’s an upper back movement
  • Press the hips into the ground, while contracting the glutes and hamstrings. The hamstrings may cramp a little until they are used to the movement
  • Work within your range at all times and progress in a smooth but deliberate manner
  • As you become used to the movement, attempt to hold at the top position for a breath-count of 5 – you’ll be breathing hard until you build up endurance

If you haven’t the range in the shoulders (yet) to get into the start position, or if you have tight lats, chest, and tris you’ll find it difficult getting the full range stretch when raising the arms overhead. Practice the deep front line stretch shown in the Video. It’s a good lat stretch to help with overhead movements.

As always work within your range and use slow controlled movement at all times.

If you have questions or want more tips like these –  let me know about it here.

Cheering you and your fitness success!




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