No Gym. Total Body Fat Burner and Newbie Gym Tips

Hi friends, these are excellent to travel with. Suspension training gear, lightweight, no-fuss and it gets the job done hitting the big and small body parts. Super taxing these are an all-in-one convenient body-weight training option – a dream choice if you are unable to hit the iron or you don’t want to leave your hotel room. Great for those travel moments if your inner introvert is screaming for some quiet-training-alone-time.

Bonus Tips (more in the video)

  • If you are training in your hotel room, place a towel over the door frame to protect the paint and prevent any ‘billable’ damage
  • Make sure you firmly shut the door and pre-test your set-up with supported bodyweight (i.e crouch down and lean back) before trusting your Suspension anchoring on the door frame
  • Warm up your joints and soft tissues before moving into full bodyweight loads
  • Always work within your range, mobility, and ability
  • Do partials / modified movements first to test your strength – as you are using total body – you’ll tax your system faster. As a result, your rep ranges won’t be super high
  • Use proper form. Your movement should be smooth and controlled at all times even during fatigue. Once you hit fatigue use half bodyweight reps until you reach total failure. Don’t train past failure with Suspension exercises, doing so can increase a pull, strain or tear (its not the same training to failure protocol that you use with iron)
  • Use a full contact grip. Don’t hang off your finger joints – rather your fingers and palms are secured around the handles. A poor grip can cause shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, and finger injuries
  • Keep your breathing controlled
  • Never dump or bounce off-of your tissues i.e using sloppy form or momentum – is the quickest way to an injury. It also undermines the quality of your training and your working muscles.

What’s in my Travel Gym Bag? The Essential Basics

As you can see not much of my basic gear has changed over the years. With a little imagination, you can train total body with just these basics. I keep a ready to go, scaled-down version of my gym bag – that is small enough and lightweight to fit inside my carry-on.


Gym Gear Pitfalls + My Day to Day Gym Bag basics

Some of this gym gear isn’t essential, however, I prefer to have it with me while training at my usual gym i.e. a neck pad and bands (for hygiene).

Bar collars. These are usually a rare find or are often in short supply at a commercial gym. I also carry my own heavyweight carabiners. These have come in handy with cable machines or handle attachments (that have lost their clips). Often I’ll use my straps instead.

There is nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than having to hunt this gear down.

My rings – I trust over the wear and tear of the standard gear in a gym. If all of my bodyweight is hanging upside down about a meter off the floor – I want to pay for the extra peace of mind. I’ve seen far too many accidents caused by old, worn out gear, straps, broken clasp clips and cables under load.

Please don’t use dodgy gym gear. If you spot it let your gym staff know asap.

Be Self-sufficient. Avoid Training Delays and Gym Life Frustrations

To help you keep the control, quality and the integrity of your training routine. Plus protect your time in the gym and your gym gear. My best tip is: Be self-sufficient and adaptable.

If you are unable to access gym gear or it’s in use or its gone walkabout. Learn to modify and adapt your routine at a moments notice. Don’t stand around idle (the quickest way to chill down) or wait (like a newbie) your time is too valuable.

Avoid working in with others too. It’s another great time suck that holds you Ransome to others (personally I tend to avoid machines for this very reason). Instead be smart enough to have a Plan B built onto your training protocol. If you want me to discuss this further let me know below.

Do this ahead of time and you will remain in control, more productive and empowered in the gym. You won’t be reliant on anyone or any piece of gym equipment to achieve your training goals.

Happy fitness fun!

PS: have Gymlife questions let me know and I’ll do a video Q n A for you.


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