Upper Body Training at Home: Build and Burn + Mindset Practice

Here’s a fun at-home intense upper body training routine, that you can quickly do with just your bodyweight or minimal equipment.

Training Protocol

  • These exercises are easily super-setted (grouped one after the other)
  • Perform 3 or 4 sets for an intense session with as many reps as you can get per exercise
  • Aim to be moderately out of breath.

Strong Life Mindset Practice

Learn to stay with yourself
Notice your current thoughts
You are either present or you’re off
over there in futures business,
the pasts business,
natures business or other peoples business.

And if you are off over there in thought,
Then whose taking care of your business?

When we leave ourselves, we abandon ourselves.
This reinforces and perpetuates our underlying fear and insecurity.
It’s an ancient habitual escape route – to be off over there.

Learn to stay with yourself.
Notice where your mind dwells.

The idea of ‘whose business are you in’ comes from my favourite Self-inquiry teacher Byron Katie in her 2002 book Loving What is. It’s a radical approach to try on and explore for yourself and your own self-reflection practice.

Work Through the Body

I’ve found that working through the body, the breath, and the meditation/yoga mat is a tactile way into discovering the felt sensation of being present.

Also working underload i.e. resistance or bodyweight training seems to keep the mind focused, alert and connected in the here and now.

Indeed, any form of body movement can be a fun way to stay connected with yourself, through the thick and thin, the push and pull the light and heavy, the release and resistance as the body moves through space and time.

Not only that movement keeps your natural energy circulating. And reduces stagnation – that stuck, heavy, flat, dull feeling.

Need a little extra help?  Let me know.

Happy training!

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