COMEDY: Quirky Spice of Life

“Quirky Spice of Life” performance clip featuring Bianca Te Rito for a Big brand National TV Advertising Campaign.



Company: The Warehouse Wiltshire

Country: New Zealand

Production: DDB, Flying Start Pictures

Casting Director: Jo Fisher

Director: Jessica Justice


This was such a fun shoot, great crew, cast, and director. The location was a stunning million dollar home with the perfect airy, light and breezy kitchen space.

I had a terrific time working on this production – arrived on-set to see many boiling pots of spaghetti perfectly cooked and saturated with oil – so that it didn’t ball up during my pot scene flipping action. Our DP/cameraman hovered above me in a cherry picker on-set to capture various shooting angles.

The pot flipping action was rigorously rehearsed – spaghetti splatted the walls, landed on the grill, lights etc. Each time the set had to be wiped down removing any traces. But like an effective military operation, it only took several minutes to reset the scene for another take.

Pot flips landed spaghetti moments in the hair – keeping my key hair stylist on her toes.

We had a live video feed from the kitchen to another part of the home where the client was positioned throughout the shoot. Live instruction was filtered through to the director in some instances to capture various expressions.

The no-look knife chopping scene was a breath-holding moment for the crew. I had to chop with a real blade (it was part of the role requirement).

The entire set dressing, my wardrobe, and accessories were also part of the client’s brand and product portfolio.



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