Professional on-camera acting performances featuring Bianca Te Rito. Appearances in TV shows and commercials, music videos, and TV campaigns – showcasing various acting ranges, styles, types, and genres.


Various looks, Fitness Attributes and Lifestyle Vignettes

TV commercials (TVC’s)

Drama Sequences

Various Presenting Sequences. Ed-u-tainment themes

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“We can use Bianca’s looks and ability for the commercial sector – I would like to see Bianca un-earth and unleash upon us a very different ‘raw’ look and performance for some darker acting roles. A force to be reckoned with!”

Tony Murdoch
Casting Director - ADM Casting

“Bianca, your performance looked really natural and relaxed, in your latest TVC. Well done. I was really happy with your performance in our Pacific Coverings TVC – you did a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!”



David Ritty
Director, Silverscreen

“Bianca saw you on ‘On John Street’, looks like neat fun to make. Great work. I’m a big fan!”

Chris White
Director - Test Tube TV

“Bianca is a great actress and easy to work with.”

Biagio Messina
☆ TV & Film Producer, Joke Productions, Los Angeles - USA. Producing for CNN, MTV, IFC, VH1, AETV, DiscoveryID networks


Day after Day NZ Women’s Refuge “Harrowing…visually arresting, beautifully done and gut-wrenchingly effective”

People's Choice
☆ AdMedia Magazine

“Bianca is a terrific actress and social media wiz.”

Michael Rooker
☆  American Actor, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead

“Excellent music video. It looks like you had heaps of fun and was a good way to get rid of some aggression”

Wain Ching
Independent Director, Writer for Cream TV

“Bianca collaborates very well with directors in both commercial broadcast and film. She is a creative and insightful individual. Her enthusiasm, professionalism as well as a sense of humour had made her popular and highly respected amongst her peers. Highly recommended.”

Steven Chow
Independent Director, Editor, Police Ten 7 - Screentime NZ Ltd

“Bianca has displayed a natural talent and emotional awareness that is unique. In my opinion, she has a strong screen presence, talent and enough determination for a great career as an Actress”

Sally Spencer-Harris
Tutor - Studio 111

“The pleasure was all ours Bianca. Thanks for all your hard work – truly blood sweat and tears!”

Perry Bradley
☆ Director,  Film Construction

“The work Bianca has produced while studying in this professional atmosphere is artistically first rate. She is disciplined, motivated and ambitious with a warm natural sense of humour. I have no doubt that given the opportunity to practice her craft Bianca will be very successful in this highly competitive industry”

Michael Saccente
Professional Actor - Meisner Tutor

Quick Bio for Bianca Te Rito

⁣Bianca is of French, German, Scottish, English, Maori and Welsh descent. Her native country is New Zealand (a Pacific paradise in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean). From 2009 – 2020 Bianca lived abroad in Canada and the USA (Calgary, Los Angeles, San Francisco). Where she achieved US Permanent Residency Status (became a Green Card holder) qualifying her to live and work in the USA. ⁣

Bianca has over 20 years of experience working in front of and behind the camera. As a TV/Film screen actor, a video presenter, host, published fitness model and skilled spokesperson.

Bianca has booked lead roles in major consumer brands for a variety of TV commercials and engaged in a lead role to proudly support the New Zealand Women’s Refuge award-winning “Day after Day campaign.” A national TV advertising Annual Appeal for domestic violence (awarded a Silver World Medal at the New York Television and Cinema Advertising Screen Festival in the USA). And voted People’s Choice – AD Media Magazine.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣

Bianca has performed lead and support roles in short films, television soap operas, serials, TV commercials, music videos, and corporate presentations – as well as lead voice-over work for radio commercials and corporate videos.

She is a published cover and fitness features model (12 issues) and a winner of the FitnessLife Magazine Nationwide Model search. Bianca has featured on Fitness and Lifestyle magazine covers, billboards, and point-of-sale material. She has modelled for fashion runways, charity events, and represented commercial products in fashion campaigns, print and online media.⁣⁣

Bianca is a passionate advocate and skilled spokesperson in the fields of health, wellbeing and fitness. Product promotions, product launches, and appearances at health and fitness media expos, and industry-leading trade shows.⁣

⁣Bianca has trained to a master’s level in both Meisner and Stanislavski Acting techniques and has studied with various high profile casting directors and acclaimed acting tutors both in the USA and New Zealand. ⁣

Bianca is exclusively managed and repped by The Robert Bruce Agency | Film Television Theatrical  Management. To contact her Agent or view her full resume click here.


  • SPORTS / FITNESS: Advanced Weightlifting, Weight training, Athletic Yoga (5+ Years), Calisthenics
  • TRACK AND FIELD: Sprinter 50, 75, 100mtr⁣
  • FIREARMS TRAINED: Pistol Shooting and tactical, USA Firearms license, weapons trained, field-strip ⁣
  • ONGOING TRAINING: BJJ, Krav Maga, self-defence, knife threats/attacks, ground attacks, grabs and holds, defensive driving, race car driving
  • DRIVES: Shift Stick / Manual
  • DANCE: Modern, nightclub grind
  • MODEL: Runway, commercial, fitness, athletic-sports modelling ⁣
  • SPOKESPERSON: Video presenter, performance coach ⁣
  • VOICEOVER: Radio commercials, Software Apps, non-broadcast, corporate training videos ⁣
  • OTHER: Achieved Permanent USA Residency Status (Green Card Holder). California State ID Able to live and work in the USA.


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