On holiday chilling around the Villa – I decided to have fun with this skirt.


Most of the time I’m in yoga pants or sweats so this was a rare treat!

It was a hot, humid and sticky shoot. Combating hair frizz and mosquitoes! But still, a lot of fun to do.

No matter your physique type or shape, you must have fun!

The Energy of Fun

The energy of fun in the flow of the moment has such an attractive quality to it.

On-camera it’s like capturing lightning in a bottle. And that’s the real magic, the secret sauce you want for all of your shots.

The result? A happy you and a delighted client who will want to book for future work!

Let me know if you want more “pre-shoot” prep tips like my:

    • Bikini-ready nutrition/fitness routines
    • Beauty and skincare routines for the camera
    • Plus learn about how to keep the client creative in mind during a professional shoot
    • How to  create dynamism with your physique and working the garment
    • Abs – tips on creating some definition in the mid-section
    • Creating elegant shapes to Draw the Eye – plus what to avoid
    • Physique Does and Don’ts in Front of the Lens
    • Effortless Flexing – plus what to avoid
    • Shoot Prep
    • Does and Don’ts the Night Before 

 Keep finding the fun and happiness in life! Make your art and flow.

pool side bianca te rito 1pool side bianca Te Rito 3pool side bianca te rito